About Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter is a very fun HTML5 game where you try to shoot colored bubbles together to make them pop. Get three or more bubbles of the same color together and they pop and disappear off the board. Try to make the bubbles explode with every shot, because everytime you shoot and fail to pop a bubble, you will rack up a penalty for the miss. After a certain number of penalties/misses (see the bubbles on the bottom left) the bubble grid will expand, jumble itself a little bit, and move down one line. Rather than just targetting similarly colored bubbles, you'll want to take aim and fire at bubbles that form a bottle neck. What I mean by this is that if you have say 1 blue bubble connecting a stack of 10 other bubbles to the main bubble grid, eliminating this lone blue bubble will wipe all 10 bubbles off the screen at once! This is an important tactic for later in the game because it will be mighty difficult to clear the whole screen without doing this. In the end, Bubble Shooter is a very hard, complex puzzle type game that will keep you entertained (and frustrated) for hours.